The Elves and the Shoemaker

We had a big surprise when we arrived at school on Monday. We couldn't work out what had happened! There were little footprints on the floor and lots of shoes and wellies had appeared!  We helped each other look for clues around the classroom and the garden. A book had been left on the table and all became clear!

We decided to link this week's activities to the Elves and the Shoemaker. The classroom was a hive of activity! We made footprints using a variety of different media including water, paint, sand, mud and flour to name a few. We used our mathematical knowledge to find matching pairs of wellies, making sure they were the same size. Did you know they've all got numbers on the bottom?

Hunting for footprints in the forest was good fun. We found lots at the forest school hut and we all balanced along the wooden planks that were in the forest school garden.   We went inside for a story before heading back for lunch.

Fine motor skills were put to the test threading laces through shoes and by making  beautiful cards! No photographs of the cards as we are keeping them for a surprise! All will be revealed!

Most importantly we practised our independence skills taking off and putting on our socks and shoes. We all completed a cutting and sticking activity linked to hand washing, we had to put the pictures in the correct order!

We've had a lovely week and hope you all enjoy our photographs.


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