The Little Red Hen

We are learning to work together and help each other every day during our time at Nursery.  With this in mind we linked this week's activities to the story of The Little Red Hen.  Sadly, the Hen's friends were not very helpful in the story!

At circle time we chatted about how we can help each other at school and at home. We decided that we can all help our families by doing some little jobs like putting our bags and shoes in the cupboard and maybe hanging up our own coats.  We practice our independence skills by helping to get ourselves dressed and undressed and fetching our coats and wellington boots etc.

We all enjoy sitting around our tables for snack and lunchtime where we chat away about all of the things we've been doing, it is a lovely sociable time for our children and very good training for when you enjoy family meals out. Snack time has been very special this week as we have been making our own sandwiches, spreading butter and adding our own fillings!  The children enjoy baking and rather than baking bread like the Little Red Hen we decided to put a modern twist on it and make some of Mrs Forman and Mrs Nelson's favourites - Cheese Straws!  We rolled out our pastry and sprinkled cheese on top before rolling it all up together and twisting each cheese straw individually. This was quite fiddly but we all tried hard and enjoyed it very much.  An adult popped them into the oven for us and we talked about the oven and the importance of keeping safe in the kitchen.

We continue to model thorough hand washing using our favourite bubbly soap, making sure that we wash in between all of our fingers making them look like a spiky hedgehog as we do so and not forgetting to wash our thumbs too!

The tuff spot had a fine layer of flour in the bottom and marks were made using brushes, scrapers and fingers etc!

We ventured to the farm to check the field beyond forest school and have a look to see what was growing, we hoped it would be wheat! We will keep our eyes peeled for signs of Spring and keep checking the field as it grows.  Watch this space!  While we were out and about we visited the animals and I just had to share the lovely photograph of our donkeys with you!

Mrs Forman brought some frogspawn into school this week. We all had a good look at it and chatted about tadpoles and frogs. We will all be involved in looking after the frogspawn and watching as it develops.

World Book Day was great fun and some of us dressed up for the occasion.  We continue to enjoy our new library and story time has become even more special!


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